Height Increase Surgery


In height increase surgery ,osteotomy (bone cutting)is done on both legs or tighs.

Then an external fixator is installed on both legs to start lengthening . this frame, add one mm/day to add space between bone ends .

Human body is able to reproduce new tissue in this gap and this ability make a longer ,normal limb . usually lengthening will occur with average of 1 mm/day although candidates may differ in this case.

I’ve started limb lengthening since 2001 with acceptable results reported on AOTS .

After 6 cm lengthening , we remove external fixator in operating room and fix lengthening site by 5 pins and fiberglass cast (usually 3 months after first operation ).

So , walking is possible with more confidence .this cast should be removed till enough bone formation become apparent(usually after 3-4 months).

Height Increase Surgery افزایش قد جراحه زیاده الطولHeight Increase Surgery افزایش قد جراحه زیاده الطولHeight Increase Surgery افزایش قد جراحه زیاده الطول Height Increase Surgery افزایش قد جراحه زیاده الطولHeight Increase Surgery افزایش قد جراحه زیاده الطول


Important points:

  1.  Diet has vital importance for bone repair (proteins, milk, fruits and fresh vegetables )
  2.  Avoiding any kind of smokes ,alcoholic or soft drinks
  3.  Regular exercises and physiotherapy.
  4.  Taking control x ray every 2 weeks to follow lengthening progress.
  5.  If your physiotherapist at your city is not your doctor’s preferred one , his or her result should be acceptable unless candidate should stay at Tehran and get help from recommended and experienced one.
  6.  After complete union usually internal nail removal is preferred (1.5 -2 years after operation).
  7.  Skin scar depends on genetic basis and lengthening amount . and it’s recommended to see it on at least 3 or 4 already operated persons to anticipate your result .
  8.  This operation is not recommended for men older than 55 y and women older than 45 y.
  9.  If knee deviation is present before surgery, it will be corrected by first operation with rapid lengthening of 1-2 cm proportionately.
  10.  For those candidate who have already leg length discrepancy, this problem also can be corrected during adjusted lengthening.
  11.  Heavy and competitive sports can be possible at least 18 months later .
  12.  Attraction of Overseas candidates during last 14 years of experience is one very interesting points which can be related to both affordable cost and our good results.
  13.  It should be noted during lengthening you can not attend work place but will be able to live independently at home and walk with crutch or walker.
  14.  Lengthening site after complete union will get normal stability , without any weakness.
  15.  Essentially ,lengthening steps should be done strictly according to prescription ,especially after 4 cm if you do
  16. not have enough physiotherapy and exercise, it can cause slower and painful progress.


Johna and Alex from US

Elias from Canada