Stem Cells


Enhancement of bone formation , at the end of lengthening phase ,is one of most important part of studies in this field.

A common project by veterinary college of Tehran university, Rooyan institute and our team , started on 2005 .

This animal study was planned to assess positive effect of stem cells to accelerate bone formation at lengthening site. Fortunately this study , showed that stem cells can increase bone formation by 45%

This study output got medical morals council acceptance for human use.

By now , we have used stem cells many times for delayed union cases with considerable results.

Our study is published in yakhteh journal .

Following pictures show our study steps

۱-bone marrow aspiration

** Bone related stem cells collected from smear by centrifuge.

** Culture of collected cells to increase their numbers.

** Meanwhile operated animals passing lengthening period .

** Then stem cell and PRP injection in lengthening site at mid phase and end phase of 6 cm lengthening.

** Control group only were injected PRP and placebo.

** Results ,proved 45% increase of bone formation in stem cell group.


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