Important points on Height Increase Surgery

Important points on Height Increase Surgery



۱- Diet has vital importance for bone repair (proteins, milk, fruits and fresh vegetables )

۲- Avoiding any kind of smokes ,alcoholic or soft drinks

۳- Regular exercises and physiotherapy.

۴- Taking control x ray every 2 weeks to follow lengthening progress.

۵- If your physiotherapist at your city is not your doctor’s preferred one , his or her result should be acceptable unless candidate should stay at Tehran and get help from recommended and experienced one.

۶- After complete union usually internal nail removal is preferred (1.5 -2 years after operation).

۷- Skin scar depends on genetic basis and lengthening amount . and it’s recommended to see it on at least 3 or 4 already operated persons to anticipate your result .

۸- This operation is not recommended for men older than 55 y and women older than 45 y.

۹- If knee deviation is present before surgery, it will be corrected by first operation with rapid lengthening of 1-2 cm proportionately.

۱۰- For those candidate who have already leg length discrepancy, this problem also can be corrected during adjusted lengthening.

۱۱- Heavy and competitive sports can be possible at least 18 months later .

۱۲- Attraction of Overseas candidates during last 14 years of experience is one very interesting points which can be related to both affordable cost and our good results.

۱۳- It should be noted during lengthening you can not attend work place but will be able to live independently at home and walk with crutch or walker.

۱۴- Lengthening site after complete union will get normal stability , without any weakness.

۱۵- Essentially ,lengthening steps should be done strictly according to prescription ,especially after 4 cm if you do

not have enough physiotherapy and exercise, it can cause slower and painful progress.