Отклоление от колена


Knee deviations (bowing or x shaped) if sever enough to cause attritional damage of knee joint cartilage (usually presenting with pain and effusion) should be corrected by osteotomy .

Which is Often very effective to eradicate knee pain Complete recovery approximately takes about 3-3.5 months .

Operation techniques should be selected according to patient condition.



Frequently Asked Questions About Knee Deviation Corrective Surgeries

  • How long dose recovery take ?

nonweight bearing continue 2 months and after that weight bearing starts proportional to bone formation.

  •  Casting also is needed ?

No sometimes splints are used for few days.

  •  how many days I should stay at hospital ?

usually one day is enough .

  • pain will absolutely go after this operation ?

۸۰-۹۰%possibility of remedy for first 5year and 80 -70 % for first 10 years is considere.

  • when can I get back to work place ?

It depents on physical activity required at work place , for sedentary ones after one month and heavy duty works 4-6 moths needed.

  • Is Physiotherapy included in treatment program ?

No , only some exercises should be done by patients ,

  • Any drug also should be used ?

Yes for pin & plaster technique only, antibiotics are important .